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Scheduling app that enables your business:

  • Custom response emails and SMS reminders.
  • Flexible weekly availability.
  • Accept credit card payments online.
  • Sync with Google calendar.
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Moving Online Is Easy

Customize your preferences to suit your business

Easy account setup

Works out of the box

Connect with new customers


Easy Client Scheduling

Location & service

Select a location (eg. Telephone, Office) and a service (eg. Initial Consultation).

Day and time

Select a convenient day and time based on your availability.

Contact info

Enter contact details.

New appointment

All parties receive emails confirming a new appointment.

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/ mo.
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Appointment Management Tools

Full calendar control

Control appointment start times to the hour, half-hour, etc. Restrict types and locations of appointments by time of day and much more!

Cloud technology

No hardware to buy or software to download. You benefit from automatic updates and upgrades instantly, with zero hassle!

Dynamic booking

Wherever you add this app, your clients always see up-to-date availability when scheduling an appointment.

Email notifications

You and your clients instantly receive custom email notifications each time an appointment is booked.

Multiple locations

Add custom meeting locations with directions that get sent to your clients. Telephone, Skype, Downtown Office, etc.

Google calendar sync

2-way sync with your google calendar with one click to avoid double-booking and increase your productivity.

Multiple services

Allow your clients to book any of the services and packages your business provides.

Client database

All your client contact information & booking history in one place.

Secure payments

Let your clients pay up front with Tunengo's fully integrated payment features.

Don't just take our word for it, our customers speak for us

Having Tunengo is important to my business because the moment prospects think about me is when they need to jump on it. 9 times out of 10 people will talk themselves out of it and otherwise never schedule an appointment.

I received 4 new appointments having the Tunengo scheduling tool on my website in the first 30 days alone!

How it works

Service Menu

Add multiple services to represent your business offerings, such as a risk-free appointment or a paid tutoring session. When scheduling an appointment, your client selects which service they want from the service menu. Charge what you want for each service and have your clients pay online or choose not to display any prices.

Example service menu, as seen by your clients
(click to enlarge)

Flexible Availability

Specify blocks of time that you're typically available for each day of the week. You can add multiple blocks per day, each with it's own settings.

Availability only needs to be configured once. Set appointment start times to every 15 minutes, half hour or on the hour. Require up to 7 days of advance notice and let your clients see your calendar up to a year in the future. Set different locations for each block of availability. Sync with your Google calendar to avoid calendaring conflicts.

Example availability blocks, as seen from your dashboard
(click to enlarge)

Google Calendar Sync

Easily link your scheduler to the Google calendar of your choice. Synchronization goes both ways. Appointments received will be added to your Google calendar immediately, along with relevant details such as your client’s email address. Alternately, your availability will be blocked out whenever there is an event in your Google calendar, preventing double-booking. No information from Google calendar is displayed publicly.

Sync your Google calendar with 1 click
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Tunengo operates in the cloud as a secure SAAS application. Clients can place bookings 24/7 through the reliable scheduler. Receive new-appointment notifications instantly, and access your account wherever you go. You and your clients benefit from seamless website integration, as well as future application upgrades without any extra setup. There’s no contract, so you can cancel anytime.


Staff Accounts

Add staff members to your account. Every additional staff account costs $5.00 / month and comes with a separate login. Staff accounts have full control over their preferences, but any payments made to a staff account gets deposited to your bank account. To add staff members, email us at


Emails and Notifications

Add custom emails for your services. Email notifications are sent instantly to you and your client when a new appointment is scheduled. Custom emails contain keywords that are automatically replaced based on the appointment details, such as location and service type. Emails can also include such things as images, links to your website, and any relevant follow-up info.

Editing an example email template
(click to enlarge)

Embedded Scheduler

Add scheduling technology to your web page using the embedded scheduling app. Adding the app is as simple as copying the provided iframe text to your web page editor. Throughout the scheduling process your client will stay on your site.

How the embedded scheduler can look on your website
(click to enlarge)

Scheduling Page

Your account comes with a personalized scheduling web page. If you don’t have a website, you can direct your clients to this fully-hosted page and start accepting appointments without any setup.

What the stand-alone scheduling page looks like
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Checkout Process

When scheduling an appointment, your client first selects where they want to meet (location) and what type of service they are interested in. Next they select a day and time based on your availability. After providing their contact information, they are directed to review their information and, if payment is required, enter credit card info. Once they press submit, they are directed to a thank-you page, letting them know a confirmation email was sent.

Compilation of the scheduling steps
Each step is presented to your clients one at a time
(click to enlarge)


When scheduling an appointment, your clients can select a location to meet. Add locations, such as your office, telephone, or Skype to provide your clients with extra choices, and to reduce confusion on where to meet. Each location can have directions, such as an address, a phone number, or Skype contact info, which is sent out with the confirmation email.

List of example locations, as seen from your dashboard
(click to enlarge)

What more customers have to say

I was immediately impressed. When I had questions, support was fast. The Tunengo software worked immediately and perfectly from the start. When I add new products, it immediately shows on my site.
Stephen B., Small Business and Personal Coach
Embracing the Muse
Tunengo helps me connect with my clients. I help people identify their passion so they can quickly and successfully get back into the workforce. Being accessible 24/7 is pivotal in helping others achieve their goals. Tunengo gives my clients the ability to reach me anytime, anywhere.
Davida S., Career Counselor
Career Performance Institute
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Tunengo, for helping me expand my business. Tunengo is easy to use and simple for my clients. Thanks so much!
Brendan, Guitar Instructor
I have been so busy, and having Tunengo on my website has saved me time. It is like having a mini virtual assistant that is always friendly.
Elisa, Registered Dietitian

A few more reasons "why"

  • Turn visitors into clients
  • Get more from your website
  • Real time updates to your services
  • No programming, no hassle
  • Automation to your business
  • Get more appointments

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